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oh MY GOOODDD... [Oct. 16th, 2005|12:02 am]
[mood |restlessrestless]
[music |headphones, "hot girls" ... wierd?]

someone get me some AAAAAAAAA!!! i just want my hair braided some more, K? but oh no no, there can't be any more braids where that came from. that is not allowed. i can't steal someone else's hair dresser.
but i just wona kiss.

... in my mind this made sense.
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testing, testing... one, two, one, two... [Jan. 21st, 2005|09:42 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |new slang, the shins]

oh man i ate waaaayyyy too much of that midnight tower chocolate cake at the 99. try it some time, you'll like it. the coconut shrimp is good too. check out my new myspace, "karaaa" is my profile name. boo to -10 degrees weather... i'd punch it in the face but im too lazy, and i dont know where its face is.

today my hockey team was making fun of me and saying i smell bad. but they weren't kidding tho, thats what scares me. do i really smell bad? thats just a little embarassing... i dont wanna be a smelly kid! how come no one ever told me i smelled before? aaaahhh!! what if i've been smelly my whole life and i just have never noticed it because all you fools have never told me! damn you all for ruining my life!!
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Derrrrrrrrrrrrrr... its not wad it looks like... [Jan. 18th, 2005|02:16 pm]
[mood |sillynapoleon dynamite-ish]
[music |Jimmy Eat World]

heeeey im at chris's right now with michelle. we're studying for midterms. kinda. well, actually we're procrastinating studying for midterms by going online and watching dodgeball. yessss. ok so yeah im not the hot kara sullivan whose friends with nicole julius. sorry to disappoint you whoever wrote that. im good at that.
eeeehhhh... hooray for not being able to do anything for the past two weeks. i just wanna play DDR gosh darnit! ugh, gaaaahhhd...
oh oh oh... i got a myspace this weekend. u may be thinking, "what the hell would kara do with a myspace? she doesnt have friends..." well you're right about that, but greg put me up to it. so there is my answer bitch.miiiiiiichelle wants to take my picture for my profile, but i strongly disagree because i look like a disheveled grease monkey today cuz i havent washed my hair in like.... this many days ::holds up 2 fingers::
ok well im out.
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this is my life at this stage in the game... HA HA HA [Nov. 20th, 2004|04:34 pm]
[mood |satisfiedthoughtful, tired, loved]
[music |smile like you mean it, the killers; bloody sunday, U2]

havent written in a while. its now a saturday in november and only ::thinking::.... four days until thanksgiving. That would be pretty cool if i didnt have this disease, whatever it may be. mom thinks its mono. i hope not. although i wouldn't mind taking a few days off from school this week, considering we only have two days to go. i've just been so busy lately, its nuts. its not healthy, i have decided. i try to do to much.i do homework,clubs, plays, teach, visit the old folks and try to save the world all before bedtime, making my bedtime very late. poor poor patrick, God bless him! because at the end of the day, hes the one who has to put up with the stressful moods i create for myself when i talk to him and I probably complain to him about everything. Pat if you read this, thankyou so much for being my friend and for putting up with my occasional (or frequent) pissy moods and for being there for me when i need someone to snap me out of my franticness and tell me they love me. i love you so so so much... you are a wonderful boy! heey another reason why i dont want mono aside from feeling like crap, i wont be able to see anyone forever cuz i'll be sick. and i wont be able to see the spongebob movie this week! or see patrick! but its ok, cuz i feel good right now. of course, thats because im all dosed up on painkillers. but, like some old singer once said, accentuate the possitive.... even if the only positive that you have is supported by large amounts of medical drugs! hooray for drugs!! i have been temporarily freed from pain! ooooh, and if i do have mono, i wont be able to play hockey which starts next week. AWESOME! wow what a perfect time to die... i do beleive that this will be a super winter though cuz i'll be able to snowboard alot hopefully, now that i have people to go with. i think i might to quit some of my extra curriculars, at least temporarily, while im doing hockey. i've been over working myself and i just wanna chill out from now on. this sickness, whatever it is, has made me come to the realization that im not taking care of myself and that i need to slow down. i cant do everything. although sometimes trick myself into thinking that i can. LE SIIGH... Hey, another positive! ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS SEASON! ::gasp of delight:: I get to go christmas shoppin for all my pals and my lovies... isnt that wonderful? :) I think so! now i just have to figure out what to get everyone... shoppin shoppin shoppin!! YAY! and making cake! double YAY! IN THE WORLD TODAY: well our troops are in iraq. they hate us. they dont want us there. we've turned our soldiers into killing machines, we've brain washed them, we've sent them to be killed. i think thats enough. michelle's mom is out there somewhere, in kuwait i think. i wish they could all just come home. its not right! let the Iraqi's live the way they want to! they dont want to have a democracy and they don't want our help, that is obvious. anyone could see that. so why are we still there? oil. greed. a u.s. marine supposedly was caught on tape shooting an unarmed wounded man in a mosque. the tape was then showed on the arab media station al-jazeera to be exposed to and enrage the entire iraqi people. if this is a true war crime, why is it a surprise to u.s. military or such a shock to the iraqi people that this happened? the iraqis werent in any better conditions when they were being mass slaughtered by their own beloved fucking dictator before we came in their and tried to save their asses. moreover, the u.s. marines train their men to conform into killing machines, and in war, dont you think that one would lose all sense of humanity after being superexposed to killing, torture and death everyday? don't you think these men fighting this war might lose their sense of empathy towards other human life after they have been trained to kill? so what else should u.s. marine officials expect? thats war, that is what it does to people. if it doesnt take away life, it takes away humanity. however, the marine officials are not even sure if this was even a true war crime because often, terrorists have staged false "crimes" in order to gain anti american backlash from the iraqi people. so yeah. thats another pleasant aspect of war. either way, true or false, the iraqi people are now further convinced that americans are evil and are even more hostile towards our troops and our country. subsequently, in retaliation to this supposed war crime, an iraqi soldier shot Margaret Hassan (showed on video tape), the director of the CARE program for releif in Iraq, an Iraqi citizin married to an Iraqi man, who helped give aid and help to the Iraqi people for over 35 years. the tv station al-jazeera never showed this videotape on the network because, as the broadcasting director said "it was unnecessary to show that tape of a killing." of course it wasn't for your sake you bastard. none of the iraqis know that she was shot in retaliation. the arab media are trying to make this seem like a one-sided war. the iraqis are willing to beleive it. they dont want our help. they dont want democracy. they are not a democratic nation now, they never were, and they never will be because they don't think that way. let them live with their own culture. if that means that they will suffer, let it be. if they want change that bad, they will change themselves. it shouldnt be our job to go in there and have our troops get killed to save the Iraqis' ungrateful selves. its not fair. i dont think its about democracy anymore... well anyway, after that tyrade i feel better. i just needed to get that out. thats how i feel. but i have to go get ready for the play. thats right, im taking it easy just like the doctor ordered, by going out and performing in a play... ha ha later much love kara
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its Been soo looongg (been so long) since ive saw your face... [May. 27th, 2004|08:40 pm]
[mood |nostalgicnostalgic]
[music |Jimmy Hendrix: Castles in the Sand]

Jesus Mary and Joseph ( excuse my Catholicism), its been a while since ive typed in this thing

How has the weather been treating you? the weather here is so complicated right now.

Better off tho, becuz ive just been having so many good times i havent really had enough time to write in this.

A crown of gold
A heart thats harder than stone
And hurts to hold on
but its missed when its gone

thats a beautiful song. its by brandnew. very very wonderful band.

its so strange.
my life in the past hmm month and a half has changed. im not sure if its a subtle change or a drastic change but its just so different.... in a good way. idk.
myabe its becuz im friends with new people.

summer... Christ, the word sends shivers down my spine. so awesomely grand. i love the summer. without it i would have nothing to live for. the sun, the no schoolness of it, the FREEDOM. thats a sacred word, freedom. I also get depressed in winter so therefore summer, being the antithisis of winter, is my most favortite time. I wish i lived in a place where it was always summer, becuz i think that would be perfect just living my life in summer all the time. always happy. but then again, nothing is perfect and i know i would just be disappointed if i found out that my happy summer place was not perfect. but still, i wanna move to California anyways. even tho its not perfect.

thats a thing about me. i disappoint myself alot. even summer, my ideal of perfection, disappoints me sometimes. nothing is perfect. nothing.
i think i am like that in the view point of other people. i think i disappoint them
they think i am alot greater than I really am, and then they get to know me, and they decide i am annoying or boring. but im being stupid and whining so i'll stop, becuz whining is the thing i hate the most in this world and i do not want to be a hypocrite.

mmm but yes, about the bass. i have yet to purchase my peice of holy merchandise. fuck, its driving me crazy just thinking of that 150 bucks just sitting there, deteriorating slowly as it waits for me to come and slavage it. aaaaahhhh!! its enough to give me night mares i tell you! and its not even all my money, its dev and britts too. my sister is fucking stalling on bringing me becuz she doesnt feel like driving me up to new hampshire to get it. i hope i dont end up getting a peice of crap bass, altho i probably will. oh well, thats what happens when your not rich.

Grease show starting thursday. grand. we have these sweet ass mofo pink wigs we have to wear and i feel like such a superstar in it. really. me and brittany and devon are like the stars of show. morgan is an isignificant scrap in the whole production. becuz he is terrible at guitar. absolutely horrendous. but thankfully when the audience sees me and devon and brittanys dance performances, they will completely forget about the wretchedness of morgans guitar playing that has tainted their eardrums. lol ha ha.

hmmm i feel like i have abandoned some people with the new ties ive made. i hope i just dont cut off the ties with my old friends, becuase i love them and i dont want to abandon them. that would suck and leave me guilty. hopefully my friends dont end up doing the same with me. i wonder if ive changed, like personality-wise. maybe im just being too paranoid. but anyways, if there is one thing i suck at, (altho i suck at many things), juggling freinds would have to take the cake. which is why im going to try harder from now on to hang out with all of my friends and not just some. i dont want to be negelctful.

mmmmm... cake. someday i wanna work at dutch kitchen. i dont think i need to explain why.
can imagine living in calfornia and working at dutch kitchen? i bet theres someone out there who does. whoever you are... you are my god.

speaking of gods, there is this new kid in my study... and dont tell anyone this, but I admire him from a far. i adore his beautiful curls that crown his gorgeous face... aaaaaaahhh. i have yet to find out his name, although i stare it his curls in loving adoration everyday. puuuurrrr... curls.
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(no subject) [Mar. 22nd, 2004|09:56 pm]
oh, and once again, i forgot something. I've already cashed in those 98 cds me britt, and devon savevd up at daddys junky music. we've got t$150 on credit there now. more cds to cash in too. just thought id let you know, just in case you were thinking "wow, what a loser, shes been saying that for a month."
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OH Monday Monday, nah dah dah duh dah dah [Mar. 22nd, 2004|09:32 pm]
[mood |lovedloved]
[music |Ender by Finch]

i was talking to Brittany saturday night, and we both agreed: normalcy is a theoretical idea. It is a state of being that we create in our minds but is not humanly or naturally possible, because, no matter what standards we set there will always be something, someone, something about someone, that does not fit the exact standards. There are very, very few people who perfectly fit stereotypes, therefore those who do are in the minority, making them uncommon and different from the majority. So, that means that even they cannot accomplish normalcy. Everything is so inconsistent that normalcy is non existent. Hey, that rhymes. I think it will be my new motto.

aaahhh, cant wait to get my beautiful bass. i know this sounds wierd, but i think i'll name it. idk what tho. if you think of anything, just tell me. Moreover, I cant wait to go bowling friday. after 7 on friday nights its all trippy and fluorescent lights at Putnam's. speaking of bowling, what the hell am I going to wear? yeah you can tell i dont get out much when i plan four days in advance what im going to wear bowling. hmmm... kind of sad. oh well. I think im going to go steal one of katies grandpa's 35 trucker hats. maybe a few. hes old, he wont notice.
I also need some sneakers, but i wont worry about that now, because i need to keep the money ive saved to buy the base, cuz they only will accept cash up front. already got a free pocket amp from martin. still gotta trade in more cds at strawberry's tho. i hope they can give me cash for them. maybe ill use any left over money to buy those sneakers. should i get pumas or pro-keds?
the devonator and brittany are sleeping over on friday. i still hafta tell my parents tho. my house is sort of in a state of demolition right now, so i hope they can.
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(no subject) [Mar. 10th, 2004|05:40 pm]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |Modest Mouse, The Cold Part]

i forgot to put the song and mood. i forgot something, how uncommon of me
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today is a day [Mar. 10th, 2004|05:25 pm]
wooh nothing really notable hear. snow. melting. Umber's baby brother is cute. I hold him today. and i also played with little Hammad. I love children, they are so much more fun to be around than adults. i will never grow out of childhood. not now, not then, not ever. i like the big green round giant wonder ball that umber has. its so fun. its probably the most entertaining thing ive ever experienced, which is wierd because its just a ball. i guess that proves the point the simplest things in life are what make us most happy.

i guess i should call katie tonight. havent talked to her since sunday. i need to push myself to check up on her, i cant leave her alone. it just wouldnt be right.

i got homework to do. postponed from monday, of course. oh yes, and i have to make a toda and some foreign dish for international night tomorrow.

looking forward to getting mr. bass

yeah, ill call katie.

by the way, i cant picture me ever being too old to play with a wonder ball
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(no subject) [Mar. 9th, 2004|05:35 am]
[mood |artistic]
[music |Modest mouse, idk the name]

more snow mutha fucka. this sucks. rrrrrrrrrgh (i did that in a very mean nasty rat dog kind of way). What happened to 60 degrees? When am i ever going to be able to wear those cute white kitten heel flip flops i bought at Old Navy? (just descovered that thats a very good store)Oh what a world, what a world!

i saw the Passion of Christ on sat. night. Awesome movie. Very nice plush reclining seats in that new theater. OK, okay, im not going to lie, ill get to the point, I cried a little, but you would too, it was Jesus for Gods sake! (pun inteneded :^))
what all the media said about that was a bunch of bull. I saw the movie and it didnt make me want to kill jews, i dont hate greeks or romans, and i wasnt completely appalled by the violence Jesus was killed with because thats the way it happened. However, I was most appalled that people could be so critical of a movie about someone who represented love and sacrafice, but then completely turn a blind eye on movies that exploit sex, revenge, and hate. and i most deffinitely dont beleive mel gibson was trying to exploit christianity. all i think is that our country is so secular that we are one step away from becoming commies.

aaaaw cant wait to get my bass! we're on our way dev and brittany!
daddy's junkie music hear we come!

well, off to hockey banquet, and then musical rehearsal. hmm hopefully kyle armalotti is there. hes a babe!
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